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The following are actual quotes from real psychotherapy clients in Cornwall – individuals and couples. (Names changed for confidentiality.)

Jan & Simon in Bodmin, Cornwall.

Darren immediately made us feel very comfortable. The sessions did not feel pressurised and had a humorous edge when needed, which was important to both of us.  At the same time though, sessions were professional and Darren helped identify our issues and challenge our beliefs. The purpose and length of the support was boundaried and defined well. 

We both felt listened to and respected.  He supported us to reach an improved understanding of each other.  We have come away with tools for an earlier intervention, if issues arise in the future.  We would recommend Darren to anyone, at any stage of their relationship.

Isabelle in St Austell, Cornwall
Having been devastated by the breakup of my marriage, I found it hard to contemplate the day head, let alone tomorrow. I struggled with the thought of ‘counselling’ due to previous poor experience, so I was pleased to find Darren. I felt at ease and a trust developed quickly.

Darren is most professional, empathic, patient, kind, warm and humorous. Through his guidance, explanation, signposting, strategies, discussion and gentle manner, I have gained tools and experiences that have helped me to regain my confidence. I have developed aims for myself, without putting myself under pressure. I no longer blame myself for the actions of others.

I have new hobbies, interests and new purpose. I am able to experience joy in its most simple forms. When I ‘over think’ or experience anxiety, I have learnt not only the mechanisms of why this happens but also the, process/tools to deal with them. I will be for ever grateful to Darren, he has my sincere thanks and respect for all that he does. I would not hesitate for a second, in going back to Darren in the future should I need to, or in recommending him to others.

Jon in Truro, Cornwall
Thanks ever so much for your help over the last few months! It’s been a fascinating journey and really helped me understand myself and others a lot more. Something I will apply to both my personal and working life going forward in the future. You were very understanding, light-hearted but genuine and able to relate to many a situation that we discussed. I would highly recommend counselling and psychotherapy to anyone who needed some guidance and to spend some time with you to find a solution. Sometimes perspective is best seen from a third party who takes out emotion and applies forward thinking and a balanced sense of opinion and you certainly provided that! I look forward to staying in touch and watching your continued success.

Paul and Cathy in Wadebridge, Cornwall
It took a lot of persuading my husband to attend couples counselling but I think it’s safe to say that Darren put us both at ease pretty quickly. By the second session my husband was more enthusiastic than I was, which was a miraculous turn around.

From seeing Darren, we learnt that we are actually highly compatible, that although quite different in many ways we complement each other beautifully and that communication was an area to be worked on. I never felt judged and was able to open up and find my voice. I learnt how to be an equal in our relationship and grow my self-esteem. We have both grown a lot through our sessions with Darren.

I know I want to keep learning and applying what I have learnt, and I would be more than happy to see Darren on a one to one basis as well as a couple. If you can’t make up your minds, I’d urge you to go for it. It can only help. It has for us.

James in St Austell, Cornwall
I picked up the phone and asked for help and you did help me Darren. You have given me a better understanding of how relationships work and how to cope better with them. I was delighted to discover that I had fewer problems than I thought I had. Darren thanks for the reassurance and confirmation, for helping me to dot the i’s and cross the t’s. Thanks for reminding me about grounding and meditation, for helping me to gain a better perspective for happier and healthier future days.

Debbie and Brandon in Redruth, Cornwall
After 12 years of marriage, our relationship was becoming strained by a circle of mis-communication, mis-understanding and negative reactions. We decided to seek professional help and I am very happy that we found Darren. From the outset he made us feel comfortable and at ease. We were impressed with his swift in-sightfulness and with his help we were able to identify patterns of behaviour that we needed to address. After only 4 sessions our relationship has been put “back on track”. We are now able to recognise trigger points and react to them in ways that defuse the situation instead of inflaming them and we know what each of us wants from our relationship and how to achieve it. We have put the love and sparkle back in our marriage. Thank you Darren!

Sue in Newquay, Cornwall
“I came to see Darren when I realised that I was struggling with a number of issues after my marriage breakdown and divorce. I had not been to counselling or psychotherapy before and was not sure what to expect. I felt better right from the first time I saw Darren. I was worried that I would become bitter and angry and unable to move on with my life.

Darren helped me to think and feel differently about things that were affecting me so much, and soon my confidence grew. When faced with something that made me feel uncomfortable, I found I could think about my choices and not rush in with my usual reactions. I have been able to let go of the past and the feelings that were causing me anguish, and I am looking forward to my new life ahead.

Carl in St Austell, Cornwall
Darren’s ability to understand the underlying causes of the range of emotional problems that many of us face, is remarkable. He is clearly a natural at what he does and has found his vocation which is to heal and nurture; he puts me instantly at ease and regardless of how I felt when I arrive at a session, I would always leave feeling more relaxed, positive and happy.

Darren listens and gently asks appropriate questions in a nurturing and non-judgemental way. Throughout the psychotherapy session’s, appropriate activities and discussions happen, which create awareness and new ways of thinking and understanding which in turn heal and improve how we feel. Don’t put off feeling good?I wish I had seen Darren for psychotherapy a year before I actually did.

John and Sian in Newquay, Cornwall
John – “My girlfriend and I have only been together a short time and for us to be arguing so early in our relationship prompted us to seek help. Initially when Sian suggested going for couple’s psychotherapy, I felt intimidated, nervous, and defiant – ‘I don’t need counselling!’ However, I actually found working with Darren incredibly helpful and rewarding. The sessions were very open and relaxing which helped me overcome my initial apprehension. I felt free to talk. The psychotherapy we received helped us to discover a greater awareness of our needs and expectations and it has been invaluable to me personally in gaining a greater level of understanding of my partner and of myself”.

Sian – “Couple’s psychotherapy for me was an attempt to map a path through the miscommunication, misunderstandings and resulting turmoil that kept arising between my partner and I. It felt so important to build sturdy foundations from which to start our relationship, and I felt that through just a few sessions with Darren we were really able to achieve this. I learnt a lot about my partner and I continue to do so, but the process doesn’t feel as scary or daunting now as it did so before. I learnt the skill of dealing with my feelings without putting them on to my partner so much. I found Darren to be adept and insightful, tactful, human and very open and present – it felt like he had really walked his talk in his own life. Sitting there with my partner and Darren, it felt like a very balanced triangle and was easy to relax. He is very, very good at couple’s therapy and in sharing his skills, experience and expertise with his clients. I am so grateful to have come across a therapist with qualities that are actually pretty rare in my experience and yet are essential and invaluable in a therapist. I would definitely go to see Darren again in the future, whether for one-to-one therapy or for a bit of relationship maintenance! I’m just really glad we went.

Jane in St Austell, Cornwall
“I never thought I needed psychotherapy, but the more Darren worked with me, the more I realised I needed to be there. I learnt a lot about the way I experienced problems and if I didn’t understand, it was explained to me in a very down to earth manner. Even when I kept falling into the same script, Darren gently reminded me and in the end I soon recognised it for myself often before my sessions. I was learning to be my own psychotherapist!

I always felt supported and when distressed I was allowed the time to work through my emotions which was very important. I even started to feel comfortable with challenging Darren, something I could never do with anyone before. It was good to test my new knowledge in a safe environment. Would I do it again? Certainly and I still do. Psychotherapy is about learning to respect and look after yourself. Darren has certainly shown me how to do that.”

Natalie in Truro, Cornwall
At 42 I had been struggling to learn to drive on and off for 20 years. The thought of taking a driving test provoked absolute terror for me and I could not practise driving around the test route without completely going to pieces. Darren suggested that we use EMDR psychotherapy. We used EMDR for just 2 sessions, firstly to ‘unstick’ a past trauma and secondly to neutralise any trauma when I did attempt the test.

Two weeks later I passed my driving test. I believe that EMDR was successful because of Darren’s careful and considerate approach. He took his time to really listen to me and understand my difficulties which meant he was able structure the EMDR so skilfully. The EMDR worked on two levels for me; healing past trauma and subsequently fostering a deeper level of OK’ness. I can’t thank Darren enough for his gentle care and kind support, as well as his intelligent and professional approach in helping me to realise my goal.

Sam in Truro, Cornwall
“After a very traumatic year I came to a point where I felt professional psychotherapy would help me heal and deal with some emotional issues that I had not been able to understand on my own. This was the first time I had ever felt the need for such help. Darren put me at my ease immediately and very quickly was able to assess what I was trying to achieve. He enabled me to make sense of a very difficult situation as if a light had finally come on in my head. He also taught me techniques to deal with emotions which worked really well, really quickly. I feel now that I can move forward with much greater inner strength.

Amy and Lee in Falmouth, Cornwall
“I have found the psychotherapy offered by Future Days and in particular by Darren Bottrill, immensely helpful and rewarding. The procedure for getting to see Darren was simple and straightforward and the from the first meeting the sessions were beneficial. Darren explained both his role and ours (we were undertaking couples counselling)and was from the outset understanding and informative. He has brought light where there was dark, clarity from confusion and given us both coping mechanisms for helping us to stop repeating unwanted patterns of behavior. Darren was able to help us both without allowing one of us to grab more time than the other, something that I know is not easy with two such different personalities in front of him.

I cannot thank him enough for his help, without it I very much doubt we’d still be a couple.

Linda in Newquay, Cornwall
“Walking into Darren’s psychotherapy room for the first time was one of the most daunting experiences of my life. I thought I knew and understood me; yet the journey with Darren so far, has been an incredible discovery of me, warts and all. The integrity, empathy, non-judgemental stand that Darren resonates, allows me to feel free to explore myself. I know I am safe with a psychotherapist who holds knowledge, experience and a passion for what he does. It is challenging and not always easy but with Darren supporting me through this process I feel listened too, while I challenge myself and untangle the web to find and accept me.”

Sarah in Lostwithiel, Cornwall
“Visiting a psychotherapist regularly is very important to me. I have experienced difficulties in my life and have become increasingly aware that I repeat old habitual behaviour, (old habits die hard). With the skill and expertise Darren provides, I feel I am making progress to establish new ways to express my emotions which liberate rather that oppress my being. The biggest revelation for me was that I was in control of my feelings. I have always believed the contrary. With this new way of seeing myself I am now noticing that I can cope with whatever life offers me and that everything is a gift and a lesson. Thank you Darren.”

Steve in St Austell, Cornwall
“As a student Psychotherapist I went to Darren to learn a few things, fairly sure at the time I knew most of them already….. WOW !! Regular visits since have enabled me to experience life at an emotional level I was not previously able to allow myself. The lessons I have taken thus far have allowed me to handle life’s ups and downs with far more balance and appreciation than ever before. I believe everyone can benefit from some time with Darren, his insight and understanding have definitely improved my everyday life, as well as the way I view and handle any problems that come my way.”

Karen in Bodmin, Cornwall
“In my time working with Darren I have learnt so much about who I am and what has made me the person I am. This has helped me change to be a better more relaxed and calmer person. He has shown me how I have developed beliefs and how I can update and change them. I would like to take this opportunity to thank him for showing me all this. If I had not attended these sessions, I would have not made the simple steps to improve my world and my family’s world, I feel all for the better. Thank you.”

Elaine in Par, Cornwall
“When I met Darren, I knew I had some work to do around my relationships with men, Darren helped me realise that the work I really needed to do was with my relationship with myself – since then I have never looked back. His compassion, gentle listening and deep understanding of all kinds of issues such as loss, shame, sexuality, trauma and relationships was exactly what I needed. Darren is a very caring, sensitive person who knows his subject inside out, is passionate about what he does and has helped me change my life forever.”.”

Kate in Truro, Cornwall
“I went to see Darren after previously seeing two counsellers in Cornwall and feeling like I was not making progress with my problems. His down to earth approach, focus, and honesty were precisely the sort of help I needed. Through talking to someone who understood the way my mind works, my motivations and limitations, I have managed to see myself differently and achieve new ways to understand and deal with situations.

I particularly appreciate his sensitivity, thoughtfulness and support on difficult subjects and also his challenges in areas that require me to really consider or change my behaviour. I have always felt everything we talk about in my sessions is completely about me and for my benefit. I always feel with Darren that I can be honest, straightforward, question anything I do not agree with and be myself. My psychotherapy sessions are never wasted, dull or pointless. Many are done with good humour and however distressing some sessions maybe, I always leave either smiling or hopeful.”

Blake in Newquay, Cornwall
Quite recently I found myself at a low point, so low that I asked my doctor for help. For me this was a major step as I have always believed counselling was for wimps and people should just pull themselves together and get on with life. Fortunately my doctor directed me towards a psychotherapist. Darren has helped me understand so much and has given me the tools that allow me to relax and control my life, rather than life controlling me. I learned so much in a short time and have recommended Darren to others who I know will benefit from his immense knowledge and skills.”

Susan in St Austell, Cornwall
“I first consulted Darren for psychotherapy in July 2007, and though our work together is complete for the time being, I know have only to pick up a phone if I need to talk to him again. With hindsight, I probably began my psychotherapy with more than a little resistance! However, within a few sessions I was starting to look forward to going, due to Darren’s patience and calming persona. Over some eighteen months he helped me gain new insights into my character and personal history, which in turn ennabled me to make changes and find better ways of dealing with problems generally. Thank you Darren.”

More testimonials from real psychotherapy clients in Cornwall, to follow. The names have been changed for anonymity.