Costs of Counselling, Psychotherapy, Supervision and Mediation

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2019 Prices for Individual Therapy
*FREE Initial Telephone Consultation
50 minutes – £42.50
60 minutes – £45.00
75 minutes – £52.50
90 minutes – £60.00

Prices for Couples Counselling
60 minutes – £50.00 per couple
75 minutes – £60.00 per couple
90 minutes – £70.00 per couple

Prices for Mediation
Prices from £75 per hour – please enquire for more details. For mediation with a legal element please contact Accord Mediation where I also work.

Prices for Professional / Therapeutic Supervision
60 minutes – £45.00
75 minutes – £52.50
90 minutes – £60.00

Prices for Group Supervision
5+ people / 3 hours
£45.00 per person

4 people / 3 hours
£50.00 per person

3 people / 3 hours
£55.00 per person

Prices for Group Therapy available on request.

Mediation prices – please see my Mediation page


Changes to or cancellation of a session with at least 48 hours notice will incur no charges and monies will be credited to a new appointment but are not refundable.

Changes or cancellation of an appointment within 48 hours will incur a 100% cancellation fee.
Cancellation must be verbal. Written cancellation is only acceptable if you receive acknowledgement.


Please do not turn up for your session early as you may meet someone leaving.
If you are late your session will still finish at the designated time – for the same reason.
This is to protect your confidentiality.


Communication outside the therapy room can be by text, email or phone call but subject matter will relate only to appointment changes.
Emotive communication will not be reciprocated unless agreed beforehand as a part of the therapeutic contract.


If you decide to end your therapy/supervision, it is good practice to give at least one sessions notice to enable a healthy closing session.
Your ending session is pre-paid and non-refundable.